5 Gift Ideas to Mail Your Mom This Mother’s Day

lego mother's dayModern day mom is typically easy to please but that doesn’t mean you can’t forget about her on her special day. With all of the options available in 2012 for Mother’s Day, you’re sure to find something, even if you have to ship it to her. If you live abroad or far away from your mother, she probably feels that little tinge of missing you every single year on Mother’s Day that she can’t be with her precious baby on her special holiday. That’s why it gets more important every year for you to send her awesome gifts that will either bring her to tears, pamper her or simply let her know that you love her.

She’s your mom and doesn’t she deserve something wonderful on Mother’s Day even though you’re far away? We think so. Here are some great mailable gift ideas to send to your mother this Mother’s Day.

Meaningful Jewelry

Moms love receiving jewelry as a gift from their kids, and what better way to say “I love you, Mom” than by sending her a beautiful and meaningful piece?

Put some thought into this one (jewelry is often used as an escape route for people who can’t think of what to get their moms for Mother’s Day) and find something that speaks to you and that will speak to her, too. Look for jewelry with inspiring or meaningful messages engraved or shapes or stones that are meaningful to either you or your mother or both of you.

Maybe she loves earrings, and she’s the most positive and upbeat person you know. Buy her a long pair with a beautiful inscription of a positive or motivational saying. Know who your mother is, what she’s all about and what she likes, and she’ll be so excited to tear open the package from you this Mother’s Day that contains jewelry!

Photo Slideshow

Chances are, if you live far away from your mother, you probably don’t get to see her very often. She might not have any clue what your life is like or who is involved or how you live. Give her a little insight into your life and bring back memories of when you were growing up with her in a homemade photo slideshow.

These are easy to make – just compile as many pictures as you’d like of your life now and your life as a child and through your high school and maybe even college years and beyond. Incorporate plenty of photos of you and your mom and pick a couple of good songs to set the slideshow to.

There are tons of programs that will create the slideshow for you, but if you’re creative enough, you can custom make your slideshow to include words or possibly even video clips. Put the finished product on a DVD and ship it off to your mom.

She’ll be so happy just to actually see you in the DVD that she’ll absolutely love it. It’s personal, you spent the time to make the gift and it’s ever so meaningful. Why wouldn’t your dear mother like a gift like that?

Spa Day Certificate

Although you can’t necessarily accompany your mother on a spa day that you gift her for Mother’s Day, you can still send a sizable gift card telling her to take a day off to relax and pamper herself.

Your mother will appreciate the fact that you think she deserves a break and should be treated like a queen for a day. It’s not the most personal or meaningful gift, but your mother will love being taken care of for once instead of her taking care of everyone else.

Maybe your mom doesn’t think she can afford a day at the spa or she doesn’t feel she can take the time out of her busy schedule to do so. Tell her that she can and that there’s no reason not to by sending her a gift card. Make sure you find a spa that’s near her so she doesn’t have to travel too far, and include enough money on the gift card to give her a royal treatment.

Make sure you include a personal note or a card, too, with a beautiful message to your mom telling her how much you love her and why you think she deserves to be pampered for a day. It will give her something to look forward to in her busy life and remind her that you love her and appreciate all that she has done and still does for you.

Classic Candygram

Old-fashioned, classic gifts are seriously underrated, especially when it comes to Mother’s Day. A good ‘ole candygram will probably bring your mother back to her childhood and put a smile on her face the size of Texas.

The best part is that today you can even personalize the candy that you send to your mom, like writing a personal message on a bag of M&Ms or having custom candy hearts made, and you can have it all hand delivered to your mom to make her Mother’s Day.

Make sure you include a personal message with your candygram, and it’s totally OK to go over the top with a big balloon or ridiculous display of flowers. The more outrageous the candygram is, the more your mom will laugh and enjoy it.

There’s just something so classic about a candygram that it’s a perfect mail-away gift for any mom, no matter her age or location – just make sure you’re sending a candy that she actually likes!

Toys for the Dog/Cat

Honestly, how much does your mother love your family pet? It’s almost like another child to her probably, so you might as well show her that you know how much love she has to give to both you and your pets and any other siblings you may have by sending her a care package for the pet.

Moms love spoiling their kids and their pets, it’s just how they are. So put together a beautiful basket full of dog or cat treats, toys or even clothes, pack it nicely, write out a nice Mother’s Day card and ship it off to your mom!

She’ll be delighted to see that you care as much about the pet as she does, and the card will make her understand that the gift is for her, too. This gift shows thought, love and a little bit of humor. Get creative with it and have some fun!

Jade Evans is a freelance writer and is very close with her family. She travels abroad a lot and therefore spends a significant time away from her mom on Mother’s Day, but she knows the best couriers to ship even the largest gifts to her mother, no matter where she is!

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2 Responses to “5 Gift Ideas to Mail Your Mom This Mother’s Day”

  1. Great ideas. I live with my mom but I could still use these ideas like giving jewelries or the scrapbooking thing. Moms are just so special. Thanks for the ideas! :)

  2. les says:

    Thank you for some very good ideas for mothers day, I am lucky as I am only a short drive to see my mother, it is a lot harder for people not so close that they have to post their gift as it makes the choice a lot smaller.

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