About the Blended Family {BF}

Papa’s Story

Papa's Plenty of Fish Profile Photo

The story of the blended family is a complex one, as I’m sure you can imagine.  There’s always two sides to every blended family story, so let’s start with Papa. Papa {BF} is a divorced single dad to Big Guy {BG}. Papa was single for quite a few years and was eyeball deep in the dating scene after turning 30. Let’s just say that Papa’s experiences in dating were far more challenging than he’d ever imagine they would be. The Dating Game is alive and well, even among (presumably) adult singles. Papa was happy raising Big Guy {BG} and living his life in Florida, but something was always missing for him. Just when Papa thought all hope of finding love again was lost and he had all but resigned himself to being a single dad for all eternity, he was introduced to JenB {Mama BF}. Read more about Papa {BF} here.

Mama’s Story

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Once upon a time, JenB took a pregnancy test…and another…and another…and… Mama {BF} was a single mom from the moment she found out her little Chunky Monkey {CM} was on the way. Not exactly the best way to start out a new life with an infant, but she tried to keep her head and heart positive and in good spirits. Facing a pregnancy and impending mommy-hood alone was pretty intimidating, to say the least! She went from being your typical 20-something single girl – young, perhaps a bit naive and stable but very care-free – to suddenly being 100% responsible for herself and her little man. She made the decision to relocate from Florida to North Carolina to be closer to her family during her pregnancy and birth of her son. Sure, she had the support of her family, but her life was completely turned upside down. She went from being in a 2+ year relationship to facing pregnancy and life as a single parent with her son in the matter of a few moments. Life would never be the same for her, but was she destined to raise her new little man alone as yet another single mom?

How Our Blended Family Came to Be

JenB’s sister saw that something was missing from Jen’s life – but Jen just became a mommy a few months earlier. Was it too soon to date? JenB and Ethan had been on their own since Ethan was conceived. Jen had plenty of time to move on from her failed relationship, but was she ready to find love? Jen’s sister took matters into her own hands and took the liberty of signing her up for the free online dating site, PlentyOfFish.com.

Papa's PoF Profile

Papa’s PoF Profile

Jen spent a few minutes browsing profiles of North Carolina singles one afternoon, but no one she saw really caught her eye. She’d sign in every few days and read some of the emails that she received from prospective suitors (which varied from bland to gross). She was ready to meet someone new but it had to be the right someone – for her.

Bored one day, she decided to look around at profiles back in her old stomping ground – Florida. She came upon Papa’s profile. Papa was a fellow midwesterner, a Big 10 football fan (like her) and a single parent as well. His profile wasn’t wordy but it was to the point. His smile was what sold her so she decided to take a leap and send him an email. Over the course of the next few weeks they would exchange emails. Jen, having not dated in nearly 3 years due to her failed long-term relationship, and Papa, being entirely entrenched in the single/dating scene for over a half decade had  far different dating perspectives. Jen didn’t understand the ins and outs, the games and complexities of dating while Papa would have to un-learn much of the bad dating habits he had learned over the past years of dating. Despite these challenges and a distance of nearly 500 miles, they would find a way to be together and find a way to make it work – to blend their two families into one.

We hope other blended families will not only relate to our stories, situations and experiences but will also share their own stories and experiences with us and others. The Blended Family Blog isn’t just about our family – it’s about yours as well!

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